Barefoot Forward!

When you ask your horse to put his barefoot forward, he is putting his best foot forward every time!  

The Barefoot Forward approach combines not only care of the actual hoof itself, but considers the horse's diet, environment, workload and aspirations to formulate a plan for barefoot performance which incorporates whole horse health and includes the use of hoof boots for protection and stimulation if necessary. 

Creating a sound comfortable barefoot partner requires attention not only to physical foot care and protection, but also to diet, environment and exercise. Jane and Rachel both have barefoot horses of their own, and the hoof care products mineral supplements and feeds recommended and sell are often ones we have used ourselves. 
If you are looking to go barefoot with your horse or have recently moved to the county, Jane & Rachel would be happy to discuss your hoofcare requirements with you. New client's horses will be given a full initial assessment which includes full photographic records for monitoring, and in addition to carefully considering your horse's feet, we will also take information on management, workload, aspirations and diet in order to help formulate a plan for barefoot performance which suits you and your horse.  We will monitor your horse's ongoing hoof health and offer telephone and email support if required between routine trimming visits. Where appropriate for rehabilitation and performance, we will recommend hoof boots and appropriate pads and can assist with fitting and advice. We carry a small stock of boots for sale which can accommodate a therapeutic comfort pad and offer advice on the most suitable type of boot to suit your horse. If your horse is currently under veterinary care for a foot related issue, we will request a consultation with your vet (this can be on the phone) and ask for sight of any radiographs taken, prior to your first visit. 
About Jane.. 
In 2008 after an intensive training programme that took her to the United States as well as all over the UK, Jane Stevens qualified as a Natural Hoofcare Practitioner with the UKNHCP. Jane has built up a client base across Devon & East Cornwall.  In addition to travelling to carry out barefoot trims and provide advice and barefoot hoofcare products, Jane also offers a Transitioning Service at Willhayes Equestrian. Should you decide to remove your horse's shoes, the transitioning period can include a stay at Willhayes under full livery, during which Jane will ensure through feeding and expert care, your horse has the most comfortable change from shod to unshod possible. 

About Rachel..
Rachel North is an Equine Podiatrist DEP MEPA(UK) who gained her Diploma in Equine Podiatry in August 2016, having passed written and practicals exams and completed simple and pathological case studies, as well as attending courses in North Wales and Wiltshire and completing assignments.  Rachel is passionate about whole horse health and is a self confessed hoof geek.  Rachel lives near Whiddon Down in Devon with her two barefoot American Quarter Horses and is also a published novelist.  You can find out more about her books at  

Get in Touch..
 You can contact Jane and Rachel via this site, or by visiting our facebook page.  

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