Willhayes Recommends

This page is for Horsey products we have tried and tested and love!  Where a product is available to buy from us you can contact us, otherwise please use the links to find and purchase them..

A Horse Called Ambition..  by Rachel Gillian North
Had a hard day's work, riding and mucking out, why not snuggle up on the sofa with this brand new equestrian fiction novel!

Gill, Rosie and Jules share a love of horses, they also share their troubles. Rosie is struggling with her identity, Jules is suffering with an increasingly violent partner and Gill is losing faith in her ability to be a good mother to her raucous teenage daughter. But these strong women have no idea of the trauma in store for them... When the animals that hold the fabric of their lives together are put in grave danger, there is only one option …

Visit the website to buy the book, or follow it's progress on facebook.. 

PS - The cover features Willhayes' late Arabian mare, Khaleb! 

Fit for a Queenie!
We are working in partnership with Fit For a Queenie to bring you barefoot trimming services across the Westcountry!

Fit for a Queenie also offers individual sessions and products which allow you to apply Zoopharmicognosy and listen to your horse's herbal needs.

Check out Fit For a Queenie's site for more information on Applied Zoopharmicognosy and check back here for more details of this blossoming Natural Horse Care partnership!