Stud Services

Proudly standing Arabian Stallion Ecliptic!

Ecplictic is an Arab Horse Society Premium Graded Stallion with an incredible Arabian Horse Racing record both in the UK and in the United Arab Emirates.
Ecliptic balances premium breeding and a long succession of accolades including Endurance and Showjumping in addition to his outstanding racing form, with an incredible temperament which makes him a relaxed and immensely pleasurable ride.
To find out more about Ecliptic who is currently standing with a stud fee of £500 NFFR, please visit his page at
Stallions Online, where his progeny to date are also pictured and listed.  One of Ecliptic's 2009 Fillies attended the British Equestrian Federation Futurity Evaluation Show in Devon and was placed 1st and graded Premium for Endurance and placed 1st and graded Elite Premium for Dressage.
To discuss your Arabian breeding programme and how Ecliptic may be able to add to it, please telephone Jane on 01392 832466 or email
Broodmare and Weanling Services
Whether you are breeding our first foal and would like to keep your mare with experienced breeders on site to help you, or are just looking for somewhere to facilitate the weaning process, Willhayes Equestrian may be able to help!  We have produced many of our own pure bred and part bred Arabian foals over the years, and are very happy to share the benefit of our experience with you, or take over the responsibility of caring for your broodmare or foal if your time is needed elsewhere.